10 Reasons to Start Bodyweight Training

The days of getting fit at a gym lugging heavy weights and doing endless hours of cardio are a thing of the past.  Here are 10 great reasons you should start bodyweight training today.

1. Convenience

Ask most folks why they haven't committed to a fitness program and they'll likely tell you they don't have the time or it's simply inconvenient to make it to the gym given their busy schedule. Bodyweight training eliminates these excuses because the workouts can be done quickly and effectively in the comfort of home, outside in a park, or even in a hotel. No special equipment is required.

2. Fun

I used to be a gym rat but racking up more weight each week on the same old exercises got boring. That's exactly why bodyweight training can be so fun: the exercises are diverse and can be done alone, with your partner or even in a group. There are almost an infinite variation in bodyweight exercises when compared to what's available in the gym. If you've bored of the same old workout routine bodyweight training will be a welcome change.

3. Cost 

Joining a gym, especially in Mexico, can be outrageously expensive. Why pay upwards of $150 a month to visit an over-crowded gym when you can achieve the same, if not better results, working out at home or in the beauitful outdoors? In just three months of bodyweight training you've saved yourself a roundtrip flight to New York City or California!

4. Injury Prenvention

Injury is one of the number one reasons folks fall off the fitness bandwagon and this is especially true of those who lift heavy at the gym without expert knowledge of the equipment and proper form. Thankfully, most bodyweight exercises are incredibly safe for an exerciser of any fitness level, age or experience.

5. Super Efficient

Unless your goal is to look like a roided out Arnold circa 1977, bodyweight workouts are an extremely efficient exercise protocol. With no need to rack weights or wait for that gym bro to get off the bench press, you're able to quickly move from exercise to exercise and can get an effective workout in as little as 7 minutes.

6. Burn Fat Faster

Looking to slim down? Then stop wasiting time on that treadmill. Adding in some high intensity calisthenics exercises into a bodyweight strength workout not only shreds fat, it boosts the metabolism for up to 24 hours after your workout! And because bodyweight exercises hit the full body unlike traditional cardio equipment that focuses only on legs, you'll burn much more fat in the same amount of time.

7. Cardio + Strength In One

Most folks know that the key to a lean and strong physique is a program that incorporates both strength and cardio. By performing a quick set of burpees or a minute of jump rope in between bodyweight strength exercises you can develop lean muscle and increase your cardiovascular conditioning in far less time than traditional gym workouts.

8. Better Balance and Flexibility 

As you progress through different bodyweight exercises you'll be required to develop superior balance and flexibility to perform exercises like back bridges and one-leg squats. Don't believe me? Just compare the amazing athleticism of any martial artist, yoga practioner or gymnast to the traditional bodybuilder who often lacks the flexibility to brush their own teeth.

9. Improved Core Strength

Many folks think core strength = abs but there are actually at least 29 muscles that make up the human core and many simple bodyweight exercises hit all of them at once. There's no need to do endless sit-ups! An improved core doesn't just mean a tighter tummy, it also leads to better posture and increased athleticisim for any activity you might engage in.

10. Results

Last but not least, bodyweight exercises produce fantastic results because they are primarily composed of compound movements, meaning numerous muscles and joints are involved in each exercise all at once. This results in faster strength gains and greater fat burning than a lot of the traditional isolation weight bearing exercises at the gym.

Ready to Try Give Bodyweight Training a Shot?

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